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OPPOTUNITY for everyone to develop society simply. is a platform that opens up opportunities and focuses on creating opportunities. Let everyone can easily take part in the development of society under many conditions and limitations of the volunteer, such as time, budget, etc.,. Which is a main mission that we have to focus on creating things or a form of volunteer activity / social development which everyone can contribute more easily.


In 2018, Mr. narubet Rakwijit and friends decided to establish Uncommon Volunteer Group project. Which had the missions are for local area development. They'd spent time with making the social projects or social enterprises to develop their local area, villege, less-opportunity schools, etc.

In 2019, Uncommon Volunteer Group estrablish "Uncommon Unique" which is the online volunteer connection in Thailand in national level. It had participated by a dozen of volunteers allover Thailand. "Uncommon Unique" was also running "Online Volunteering" project or "" in the same time. In 2019-2020, there were not too many activities on Uncommon Unique's online volunteer platform. But we still keep on developing projects until nowaday.

In 2020, Uncommon Volunteer Group and Uncommon Unique was end up because of some reasons of conditions of participating. The founder; Narubet Rakwijit had still run online volunteer platform with too many conditions to organize activity.

Until 2021, Uncommon Co-Op was founded as a new volunteer group at the early of the year. It had provided platforms to run online activities which let any website's users to participate. After users' participation, it'd send the users' works to related organizations. Uncommon Co-Op had also provided verification for users who participated in activities which. In the the mid-year 2021, it was registered to become Uncommon Co-Op Limited Partnership on August, 2021.

Uncommon Co-Op

Uncommon Co-Op Limited Partnership is now becoming the owner of which in 2018-2020 had run as Volunteer Project which belong to no organization (only a volunteer community who had run it before). Uncommon Co-Op is a social enterprise. It focuses on creating a platform Including open opportunities. Allow people to develop their potential and limitations and better society and more efficient. It includes goals, feelings, IQ EQ, even career and well-being.


We still keep on developing the platforms to run online activities, includes online volunteer. Uncommon Co-Op Limited Partnership also provided any kind of verification for participants with carefully checking to create the high-performance verifications for high-performance works.