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Ingeobras | START UP from Spain Recyclable industrial wastewater treatment

Ingeobras, a Spanish startup which aims to use technology and expertise in waste oil management in the food and agriculture industry. Has developed a wastewater treatment system called "ANAERGY" to treat water initially. along with generating energy during the process and water treatment at the tertiary level to reuse the water again

ANAERGY is a technology funded by research and development from multiple agencies. Because this technology is very advanced for the wastewater treatment industry. In addition, the operation of the ANAERGY system is also a solution to the problem of waste water with modern technology. Research has proven that it can effectively reduce oil contamination by 99% while reducing operating costs. maintenance And most importantly, it helps to reduce usable space in the wastewater treatment process. which although it does not improve performance But it is very important for the wastewater treatment industry.

However, the ANAERGY system is currently targeted at small and medium-sized industries in the food and agriculture sector. with a determination to enter the upper market Go through a review process from the regulatory and regulatory department to ensure that The company will be able to upgrade into an environmentally responsible business. and can have income Make a profit from technology development to become a business.

Sophia Quintana, Market Research and Sales Manager of Ingiobras, said Europe's new strategy is to balance climate and carbon neutrality by 2050. that requires innovation to drive and she is sure ANAERGY's wastewater treatment system will be part of the drive towards that goal.

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