Uncommon Co-Op Limited Partnership registered on 27 August 2021 and turn to Uncommon Co-Op Company Limited on October 2021.

Uncommon Co-Op is a leader of modern social development. It was founded since 2021 with the first service is "uncommonvolunteer.com" (which had published since 2018). Under the management and development of Uncommon Co-Op, Uncommon Volunteer Project become the No.1 Thailand's Online Volunteer Platform until the present days.


Nowaday, Uncommon Co-Op runs various educational/social activities,projects,platforms; such as Educational Activity Platform, etc. It also provides various services which relate to education and social development. Whithin a very short time since it started, the provided services gain the positively good feedback from the customers and the partners as usual.

Somehow, the team of Uncommon Co-Op still believe in the power of "EVERYDAY CREATIVITY", we put our creative on our running projects and plans to develop and provide the best experienced services for our customers and partners as long as we are still running.