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Uncommon provides you various contact channels. If you are unable to contact via Line, please feel free to contact us on this official website.

Uncommon Volunteer's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services offer a diverse range of options to facilitate your organization's positive social impact. Our services include:

  1. Free Online CSR Activities: Uncommon Volunteer offers entirely online CSR or volunteer activities for organizations free of charge. We do not impose any registration or participation fee, making it as accessible as possible for everyone. However, should a participant request a certificate of completion, a nominal fee will be charged to cover the administrative expenses of verification and certificate issuance. These certificates can be verified through a QR code for a period of 2-10 years post participation.

  2. Project Coordination: To ensure smooth operations and successful implementation, we assign a dedicated project coordinator for each project. This approach ensures one-point contact and facilitates clear communication and understanding.

  3. Consultation Services: Our team is available for up to one special consultation and a primary presentation for each organization. This service is complimentary unless the project budget exceeds $9000. If a part of the budget has already been paid by the partner or customer, the special consultation will be provided free of charge.

  4. Advertisement and Sponsorship: Our service includes the creation of tailored content for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. This could involve showcasing your logo at events or programs, collaborating on programs, among other possibilities. The budget for this service varies depending on specific requirements.

  5. Tax Deductibility: While Uncommon Volunteer, as a private organization, doesn't directly provide tax deductibility, we handle donations responsibly. We record and list all donations (cash, in-kind, etc.) in a system endorsed by the Thai government. This system enables our partners or customers to claim 100% tax deductibility. A portion of Uncommon's operating profit is channelled towards these donations.

At Uncommon Volunteer, we take the confidentiality and privacy of our clients very seriously:

  1. Clear Agreements: We establish a clear Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before initiating any project to ensure absolute transparency and mutual understanding.

  2. Avoidance of Conflict of Interest: We avoid serving competitors of our clients to prevent conflicts of interest and ensure impartiality in our services.

  3. Data Protection and Confidentiality: We adhere strictly to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) regulations and have stringent internal controls to safeguard proprietary information. Our operations run on a secure system vetted regularly by security experts, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and trust.

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